First Anatomically Designed Jeans With a Man's Junk in Mind

T.H.C's Junk on the Rise!

Patented in the United States,

There's a new kid on the scene in men's fashion; a bad ass new brand that breaks rules, pushes boundaries and looks damn sexy doing it. It's called The Hot Child (a/k/a "T.H.C."). When it comes to innovative design, this bad boy's the straight dope. 

The Hot Child is casually sexy and boldly irreverent. The logo (a twisted baby hand reaching skyward) serves as a giant middle finger shoved in the face of mainstream expectations. The Hot Child will introduce an 18-piece collection that combines classic American style with fashion-forward design to create clothes that embody a seamless blend of apparent contradictions. Each item will be at once hip and edgy, yet timelessly beautiful. They will feature superior fabrics and impeccable cuts without any hint of pretentious bullshit. And while the overall line exudes the "go-fuck-yourself" irreverence of Johnny Rotten with the "fuck-me" sexuality of Jim Morrison, elements of the brand are straight up shocking...


Undoubtedly, the most shocking item in the T.H.C. line, the item that will have everyone not just talking, but also tweeting, blogging and facebooking, is the FIRST anatomically-designed, open, button-fly jeans with a built-in codpiece/pouch. Yes, you read that right - "codpiece." (No insert, no hard plastic, just soft as silk, you and the denim.) They're called T. H. C.'s Junk. And while the full line will include everything from tailored linen oxfords to double hoodies, side V-necks and deep V-neck t-shirts, it's T. H. C.'s Junk that will announce to the fashion would T.H.C.'s Junk  is a brand with serious balls!

The Hot Child has secrets in their pockets and pockets that are secret... Yes! There's a secret stash pocket stitched into the interior of each item and filled with a special T.H.C token. Like a person, what makes T.H.C the most interesting, what really gives it its character, is its secrets; the double-entendre-loaded initials; the covert, contraband-stashing pockets; and the long-overdue, junk friendly jeans. (No more squashing, squishing, scrunching, or splitting of the goods.) Once we are launched, those who know these secrets will be "in the know." Those who don't are people The Hot Child man doesn't want to know. The Hot Child makes clothes for men on the bleeding edge of fashion -- men with the confidence to stand out and be noticed -- men with the balls to pack a codpiece! We will neither compromise nor apologize. Love the brand or hate it -- we will not be ignored. No one puts The Hot Child in the corner! 

Patented In USA, multiple international patents pending.

Octavio MD Silva, CEO