It's going to take us days to get all of this on here. But we'll start as soon as we get some of the " In The Media" up. Thank you for your comments (good and bad) and for your patience.`

Since our first publication in a major fashion publication ( we have been written about by other media outlets, bloggers, and columnists the world over. Posted below are some of the excerpts of this "Global Gossip"....

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I am definitely ready to purchase some of your line! Can't wait to know when it will be available!August 16 at 9:00pm
Cool stuff :)
I'm waiting for my order form . 
Make an appointment to come see us! 80405 North Hall Contemporary!
Junior Hollywood where to buy?
The Hot Child LLC Thank you so mucArthur King!
Kaleva Holopainen looks badass

Source - - We are big fans of Fashionista!

Stephanie Lynn: "Awesome design & concept. Can't wait to see the collection launch!"

Haley Rushing: "Awesome idea, great breakthrough!"

Sean C Brown: "Awesome design and very cool"

Kurt Jull: "I like form-fitting jeans. That being said, yes I hate it when my parts are squished, squeezed, pinched and separated. It IS uncomfortable, lets be honest. Women are allowed to have apparel that is comfortable to their body AND be partially a sexual display, so why can't men? Why are we so afraid of the penis and testicles and need to hide them? It just seems backwards to bind my junk just so no one can see it. I hope it catches on."

Source -(Instinct Magazine)-

Cockyboye: "I would absolutely wear them - I've been waiting for regular denim codpiece jeans for over a decade now, and will buy them - and strut around in them - immediately!"

Source -Sodahead)-

Ladyvoldemort: "Gotta have some room for your junk, guys."

Todd: "Yes, more space is needed."

Bob S.: "Whis is one person's 'junk' is another's treasure."

SW: "Thank God finally! Where can I get these?"

Mo: "I think a roomy codpiece would be an appropriate solution to this situation."

S123: "I don't think the jeans are made to make the guys look 'bigger'. It says the jeans have extra room in the front to make them more comfortable."

Defcon: "The reason I don't like (regular) jeans is because they are too tight on me."

The Heartless: ""If they want more room... then why not?"

Danny Stoppenbach: "It would be nice to not feel so cramped up there. I don't think the male sex organs were meant to be crammed into a spot half their size."

Sjalan: "If you're not a male with a well more than normal equipment you have no idea how much more comfortable these jeans really are!!!!"

Rustec782: "Finally!!!!!!"

Excalibur: "Well-hung men will be less inclined to adjust themselves out in public."

Bodaishinboy: "We do have that fifth appendage."

Emily_knockout: "Theres nothing wrong with giving guys more room 'down there'."

Sebastian: "Where have these jeans been my whole life? Some of us men are more well-endowed than the average guy, so making a bigger "cup" makes the same sense that making different "cup" sizes for women does!"

Sundance: "They will be innovative, especially to those that never have testicular cancer of fertility issues."

Jo: "Not a bad idea; mens jeans that are too tight in the crotch? Tacky."

JoeKnows: "Finally! Now people will realize that I actually have a very deep voice :)"

Glen: "AAAAHHHHH! Breathing room."

Mark In Ivine: "Great idea in my honest opinion."

Luke: "Now you can get wood and it won't be painful!"

AM: "Love it... and the men who find such jeans necessary even more."

MissJo: "You'd think this would happen sooner..."

Phil: "If you are giften, room is needed."

Laptop: "Ever wear a bra that is a size or two smaller than you're actual size? Now you know what its like to buy pants that fit everywhere else. According to Masters and Johnson, I am in there with the average crowd, and I still find regular men's pants (that fit me), a bit encroaching, should you get my meaning... Just a thought..."

Magical Mushroom: " I would think that would be a good thing for them, more room to breath."

Sockpuppet: "Why they've waited this long is beyond me. Obvious design flaw that should have been spotted decades ago."

Muskoka: "This has nothing to do with SIZE of junk."

Jessica Misener: "I will vote for whichever candidate is the first to wear Junk Jeans.

Octavio Silva 
Just getting started, there's 1000's of comments. We'll do our best to get you on here...And Muskota is right!!!! These jeans have nothing to do with enhancement of goods. No padding, no weird insert...You know the media, they love to twist and turn context to suit their deviated minds...Just simple super soft denim jeans literally made with a contoured crotch so you can relax and feel the comfort you'd expect in any well made garment. They enhance you certainly in a very sexy and positive way, ONLY because you are not being flattened or contricted to the form of the obsolete design you have been forced to endure these past 30 friggen years! LOL... Try to recall the old redundant axiom  (don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see) regarding press....Thank you, Octavio