Just getting started! 

you truly created an amazing product-turning a very common product into a sexy experience.

I recieved my jeans. Tried them on. Love the fit! However, you are right when you say people are going to gawk! That is what I was looking for but then they got here I find myself getting shy. But, I decided what the F. I am going for it! And I am going to wear them on Sunday for travel 
on a Business trip to Boston! 

Mark: Absolutapositvelaliciously love them!!!!!! Beautiful, you created the perfect canvas for the art of the male form. No comments from onlookers yet and women don't stare, as I expected they would. The only flagrant looks I've gotten have been from men, mostly those seated at a junk-eye-level- as I do my pelvic thrust walk by their date!

Octavio's response: 
Now, I've never met Mark, but we dialogue. and he is a master at making me laugh. There is not a doubt in my mind that THAT is exactly what he did! LOL 

FP Mission accomplished. The  Jeans are here and they are..AWESOME!!!  France

Tom The jean arrived this afternoon. they are fantastic! I can't wait to show off in them!

W Being a commando kind of man I was amazed how great the soft interior of the pouch feels. Its like an all day massage. I could become addicted to the pleasure of wearing these puppies!

AS Thanks for the Jeans! I noticed them in Switzerland and found your web-site upon return home. I am amazed 
with the comfort I've been missing my whole life! 
They are going to be a hit, I know!

TS These are with out question the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn. The extra space in the front feels amazing. That something so simple could be so counter-intuitive is incredible  Keep up the good work! The box they came in is a great touch as well! 

HR: Tav, Cat and Team, you are sitting on a gold mine! I throw my  Jeans on, dress boots and almost any good fit shirt on and I seriously feel two feet taller! They are a magical EGO boost in comfort, feel & form. They make me feel ten years younger and sexier. THCs' Junk jeans are the bomb! 

RR: I rolled them up and they look nice, and feel great!

R: Got my jeans n very satisfied w/the fit n feel. wore'em to a farmers market downtown today n got my share of notice from the trendy crew that usually strolls the bustling public event. You've made a fan and a promotor of sorts. Thanks again and keep me posted!

Celebrity: Octavio, first let me apologize for the delayed response. My life has spoiled me, over indulgence might be an understatement. Very few things excite or delight me. I've had so much of so much. But I am absolutely delighted! What an ingenious idea. And you are so right, it is a long overdue design flaw correction. I love them! They're hot! You have a winning concept here, never give up! Believe it or not I actually lived in my car for a time, I was so broke. The irony of life is beguiling. I appreciate your discretion, although I'm sure at some point the media will catch up with both of us. Thank you.

Big C : The jeans are GREAT! Love your packaging!

Mark: Heavenly Junk. They arrived and they are amazing! The wooden container is perfect. They ARE like a fine wine Only far sweeter than red and I refuse to drink white, except when there's no red. What a pair of jeans!I love the fit, far more comfortable than I thought jeans could ever be. I will send pics as soon as I can.

D - Canada Thank you for a great product, love the packaging! I need a couple more pair, maybe a size 30. Can't wait to send you pics!

P- Australia 
The jeans arrived today Friday June 27-so about 3 weeks delivery to Australia which is standard. What isn't standard however are the jeans. How do I say it-superb, beautifully made and delightfully presented. I'll keep the token as a good luck charm.
You may have had a long lead up time to getting the product to market but I am sure it will be a huge success! The fit is just
 great, and might I say, sexy. Thanks and all the best for the future. I hope you will do different colors over the next few months!

Herb: Like a second skin, they hug you, but move with you. No more crunching, pinching, or uncomfortable squishing of the guy parts! FITS LIKE A GLOVE! Can't say it enough times, I love them!!! 

D: got the jeans and LOVE the pouch. they fit nice and snug in the thighs, a little loose in the waist (I'm really a 33) but they do look great! Look forward to wearing them and getting the stares! LOL

J: Just got the pants I love them!!!!

M: Got the jeans and LOVE'em. They are very European looking. I can see why you're doing well in those markets! My partner wants a [pair too. I can't wait to see what your next wash looks like. I appreciate the attention you've given my order!

E:They pretty much exceeded my expectations. Tight fit from behind with plenty of crotch space. Thanks again

Gabe Yes love the jeans, already washed and fit perfectly!

Tim Jeans arrived. They are great and fit perfectly! (I might even go down to 30 for my next order). Love these, thanks!

WOW! I just got my jeans and love them!!!!!! They fit and look great. I have a lot of different jeans from different designers, but your jeans are a stand out in my collection! thank you

Glenn I received the jeans yesterday and wore them last night. They are awesome!

Michael Starks I waited a year for these! It was worth  every minute! I love them. Can't wait for the next wash. I'm buying them all!  ;)

Brad I love these jeans. I ride cross country a lot on my bike. I like my jeans fitted but when I ride I have to wear a baggy ass pair. or its a killer for me after a few hours. these are perfect for that! Thanks guys

Jason Williams Talk about crotch watching. I just got in and I mean the attention was fuckin unbelievable but in a really good way! I just felt sexy as hell! thanks!

Tyler R. Got mine today Tav! And when I first took them out of the box i was like man these are different. the construction is so unique I wasn't sure. But Damn! When I put them on they just looked so good I couldn't believe it! and for the time my balls were actually comfortable...I just can't thank you enough for having the balls to make these! thanks! TR

Liam Jarvus I got my jeans today and they're so fuckin awesome!!! I look hot as shit! I am going out now!!!!!!

Andrew Dude! and the box is fuckin sick too! Lov mine! an my box lol

I am definitely ready to purchase some of your line! Can't wait to know when it will be available!
Cool stuff :)
I'm waiting for my order form . 
Make an appointment to come see us! 80405 North Hall Contemporary!
Junior Hollywood where to buy?

The Hot Child LLC Thank you so much Arthur King!

Kaleva Holopainen looks badass

Stephanie Lynn: "Awesome design & concept. Can't wait to see the collection launch!"

Haley Rushing: "Awesome idea, great breakthrough!"

Sean C Brown: "Awesome design and very cool"

Kurt Jull: "I like form-fitting jeans. That being said, yes I hate it when my parts are squished, squeezed, pinched and separated. It IS uncomfortable, lets be honest. Women are allowed to have apparel that is comfortable to their body AND be partially a sexual display, so why can't men? Why are we so afraid of the penis and testicles and need to hide them? It just seems backwards to bind my junk just so no one can see it. I hope it catches on."

ye: "I would absolutely wear them - I've been waiting for regular denim codpiece jeans for over a decade now, and will buy them - and strut around in them - immediately!"

Ladyvoldemort: "Gotta have some room for your junk, guys."

Todd: "Yes, more space is needed."

Bob S.: "Whis is one person's 'junk' is another's treasure."

SW: "Thank God! finally! Where can I get these?"

Mo: "I think a roomy codpiece would be an appropriate solution to this situation."

S123: "I don't think the jeans are made to make the guys look 'bigger'. It says the jeans have extra room in the front to make them more comfortable."

Defcon: "The reason I don't like (regular) jeans is because they are too tight on me."

The Heartless: ""If they want more room... then why not?"

Danny Stoppenbach: "It would be nice to not feel so cramped up there. I don't think the male sex organs were meant to be crammed into a spot half their size."

Sjalan: "If you're not a male with a well more than normal equipment you have no idea how much more comfortable these jeans really are!!!!"

Rustec782: "Finally!!!!!!"

Excalibur: "Well-hung men will be less inclined to adjust themselves out in public."

Bodaishinboy: "We do have that fifth appendage."

Emily_knockout: "Theres nothing wrong with giving guys more room 'down there'."

Sebastian: "Where have these jeans been my whole life? Some of us men are more well-endowed than the average guy, so making a bigger "cup" makes the same sense that making different "cup" sizes for women does!"

Sundance: "They will be innovative, especially to those that never have testicular cancer of fertility issues."

Jo: "Not a bad idea; mens jeans that are too tight in the crotch? Tacky."

joeKnows:J "Finally! Now people will realize that I actually have a very deep voice :)"

Glen: "AAAAHHHHH! Breathing room."

Mark In Ivine: "Great idea in my honest opinion."

Luke: "Now you can get wood and it won't be painful!"

AM: "Love it... and the men who find such jeans necessary even more."

MissJo: "You'd think this would happen sooner..."

Phil: "If you are giften, room is needed."

Laptop: "Ever wear a bra that is a size or two smaller than you're actual size? Now you know what its like to buy pants that fit everywhere else. According to Masters and Johnson, I am in there with the average crowd, and I still find regular men's pants (that fit me), a bit encroaching, should you get my meaning... Just a thought..."

Magical Mushroom: " I would think that would be a good thing for them, more room to breath."

Sockpuppet: "Why they've waited this long is beyond me. Obvious design flaw that should have been spotted decades ago."

Muskoka: "This has nothing to do with SIZE of junk."

Jessica Misener: "I will vote for whichever candidate is the first to wear Junk Jeans.

Octavio Silva 
Just getting started, there's 1000's of comments. We'll do our best to get you on here...And Muskota is right!!!! These jeans have nothing to do with enhancement of goods. No padding, no weird insert...Just simple super soft denim jeans literally made with a contoured fly so you can relax and feel the comfort you'd expect in any well made garment. They enhance you certainly in a very sexy and positive way, ONLY because you are not being flattened or constricted to the form of the obsolete design you have been forced to endure these past 30 friggen years! LOL... .Thank you, Octavio